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Church Doodle #1

August 9, 2010

Believe it or not, for some of us it’s easier to listen in meetings if we’re drawing something. I used to draw regularly in church, until an elderly lady scolded me. “I love to draw too,” she said. “But I made a promise I wouldn’t do it in church!”

Ever since then, any in-church drawings on my part have been done covertly. That becomes especially difficult when most of my time is spent sitting up on the stand where everyone can see what I’m doing.

Today, instead, I was relegated to a back room where I watched my two youngest children, and where I listened to the sermons over the loud speaker. With no eyes on me, I drew a series of silly cats and dogs, mostly to entertain my three-year-old Kate. When I was done, I asked her to pick her favorite of the drawings. She chose the droopy dog wearing shoes pictured here.

I’m hoping to post one of these every week–that is, if no one catches me drawing in church. What did the speakers talk about you ask? Yes, I was listening. The two great commandments: love God and love your neighbor.

Since we’ve been walking our neighbors’ dogs this summer, perhaps my little drawing wasn’t completely unrelated to what was being said from the pulpit.

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